What is EzAuctionAccess and how does it work?

EzAuctionAccess is your destination to purchase clean and salvage vehicles, available through Copart and Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA). These vehicle auctions were previously only available to those with a dealers license, but now with EzAuctionAccess anyone can bid!

To get started, simply register or log in to place your first bid. To be able to bid you will need to upload a copy of a government issued photo ID. You will also need to place a security deposit of $400, or 10% of your intended bid amount (if it is over $4,000).

What are the requirements to join EzAuctionAccess?

To become a member, you must provide contact information, including a valid email address, and a valid driver's license or a passport if you are an international customer.

Do members need a dealer's license?

No. One of the benefits of EzAuctionAccess is the ability to participate in auto auctions without a dealer license. Anyone who wants to buy a vehicle at auction is welcome.

Why do you need a copy of my ID?

We require a copy of your ID for your security and protection. We use your ID to verify the name on the account, and to ensure that all paperwork processed is consistent with the individual who purchased the vehicle.

We can only accept government-issued photo ID's. This includes a government-issued identification card, driver's license, or passport.

Why does my EzAuctionAccess account information have to match my driver's license?

Your EzAuctionAccess account information has to match your Driver's License per DMV regulations on transferring ownership. Without this, we are not able to complete and send you the title.

How do I place a bid?

After completing the registration and placing your refundable security deposit, find the vehicle you are interested in. To bid in Preliminary bidding, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle in the field labeled "Enter Your Maximum Possible Bid," and press "Bid Now."

If you are a Premium or VIP member you can also bid during the live auction.

What is 'Buy It Now'?

Some vehicles have a "Buy It Now" option, where the seller is willing to sell the vehicle immediately at the price listed. To be able to purchase a car using "Buy It Now" you will need to have a EzAuctionAccess account. All normal fees are still applicable with a "Buy It Now" purchase.

Can I cancel my bid?

Once a bid is placed, it cannot be canceled or reduced in any way. Make sure that you are confident in your bid before you place it. If you end up winning the bid that you placed by accident, you will be responsible for the vehicle and completing the sale.

What is the Bidding Limit?

Your bidding limit is the maximum amount you can bid at any given time. It also restricts how many vehicles you can bid on. The bidding limit is determined by your security deposit as well as membership type. Only Premium and VIP members can have multiple bids at once.

Your security deposit must be a minimum of $400, or 10% of your intended maximum bid (if over $4,000), whichever one is more. If you would like to bid on multiple vehicles, you will need a separate deposit for each vehicle.

$400 security deposit = $4,000 maximum bid for one vehicle
$800 security deposit = $8,000 maximum bid accumulated between any two vehicles
$1,200 security deposit = $12,000 maximum bid accumulated between any three vehicles

To increase your bidding limit, add additional funds to your security deposit by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or wire transfer.

How do I bid on more than one vehicle at a time?

To bid on multiple vehicles, you will need a separate deposit for each vehicle. Simply log into your account and pay an additional security deposit of $400 or 10% of your intended maximum bid per vehicle.

How long am I able to bid on each vehicle?

Each auction has a "Time Left" indicator at the top right of the auction box. This will inform you how long you have to place your bid before the live online auction begins.

Can I buy vehicles that state 'Dealer Only'?

With EzAuctionAccess, you are able to purchase vehicles that are not normally available to the public. This includes vehicles that state Dealer Only.

How do I know that I am the highest bidder?

If you win the preliminary bid, you will automatically be represented by the EzAuctionAccess system in the live auction.

EzAuctionAccess will bid the next highest increment throughout the auction until your maximum bid is reached, working to win you the vehicle at the lowest possible cost.

If you are the highest bidder, EzAuctionAccess will email you as soon as we are notified by the auction that the sale has completed. All final winning bids have to go through an approval process with the seller. This can take two business days. Once approved, your purchase will automatically appear in 'My Account' under 'Purchases' and an email confirmation with your invoice will be sent to email on file.

I won the vehicle, why is it not on my account?

If you were the winning bidder after the live auction completed, your bid may be Award Pending. Your bid amount was submitted to the seller of the vehicle and we are waiting on an approval response. You will be emailed with your invoice attached if your bid was approved by the seller. Sellers have up to two business day to respond to the bid.

What does 'Award Pending' mean?

All final winning bids have to be submitted to sellers for approval. A lot of the sellers have a minimum amount that they are trying to receive for their vehicles. They have up to two business days to decide to sell the vehicle.

If you see that your bid is Award Pending, you are welcome to reach out to us to try to negotiate the sale. Our representatives will reach out to the yard where the vehicle is stored and try to find out what can be done.

Why do sellers need to approve the sales?

Most vehicles come with a reserve price, which is the term for the minimum price a seller will accept. If you were the highest winning bid, your bid gets submitted to the seller for approval. If the reserve price has not been met, there is a chance that they will still sell for a lower amount. At this time we can try to negotiate with the seller for you for which you will just have to reach out to our customer service team.

The sellers have up to two business days to accept, reject or negotiate the sale.

Why did I receive notification that I was outbid?

As a courtesy, we will notify you if your maximum bid is no longer the highest pre bid. For the best chance at winning the vehicle, enter the absolute MAXIMUM you are willing to pay for the vehicle.

I was the high bidder during Preliminary Bidding, why wasn't I awarded the vehicle?

If you were the high bidder during the preliminary bidding, EzAuctionAccess represents you during the live auction and bids up to your maximum amount. There are other bidders participating in the live auction who may bid over your maximum bid amount.

You are welcome to participate in the live auction yourself. You just have to upgrade your account to a Premium or VIP membership.

I got outbid, did I lose my deposit?

Your deposit is not tied to a particular vehicle but your account in general. If you got outbid on a vehicle, you are welcome to start bidding on a different vehicle of your choice. You will not be charged any fees for making your bid. 

You may request a deposit refund at any time. 

Does the bid amount include all of the auction fees?

No. The bid amount ONLY includes the price you are willing to pay for the vehicle.

Auction fees, EzAuctionAccess fees, and transportation costs are NOT INCLUDED in the bid and will be added on top of the bid amount

Can I buy in a different state?

Yes! With EzAuctionAccess there are no restrictions on where you are able to buy. If you require help with shipping, we have our our dispatch team for all your vehicle transportation needs!

Do you sell to international customers?

Yes! We have many international customers all over the world. You are welcome to reach out to us for any specific details that you may have regarding shipping, export, as well as tips and tricks regarding bidding.

What is a security deposit?

The security deposit is collected in advance via credit card as a guarantee that the bidder will complete the purchase of their vehicle.

Security deposits on a credit card are not typically charged and removed from your account, but instead are simply a 'pending authorization' placing the funds on reserve.

A security deposit may be forfeited if you win the auction and do not complete the purchase, or if you have an unpaid outstanding balance. The pending status will be removed and your account can be charged, up to the full security deposit amount.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit must be a minimum of $400, or 10% of your intended maximum bid (if over $4,000), whichever one is greater.

If you would like to bid on multiple vehicles, you will need a separate security deposit of $400, or 10% of your intended maximum bid (if over $4,000), whichever one is greater, for each vehicle.

Can the security deposit be applied to a purchase?

No, your security deposit cannot be used to pay for the vehicle.

We will hold your security deposit until the vehicle is paid in full and picked up from the auction facility. At that time, you can request a refund or use the deposit on another auction.

What forms of payment do you take for the security deposit?

You may pay your security deposit with a credit card or debit card and your security deposit will immediately be applied to your EzAuctionAccess account.

How do I increase my security deposit?

You can increase your security deposit at any time by adding your deposit on the listing page of any vehicle.

To increase your security deposit you will go to 'My Auction Center' and select 'Bidding Limit'. You will enter the Bidding Limit that you need. This will show you the amount of your Security Deposit. You will then click the 'Increase My Bidding Limit' button and then you can choose to place the deposit with a major credit or debit card or through a wire transfer.

You are also able to place the deposit directly on the listing page for the vehicle. You will enter your bid amount and click ‘Bid Now’. From here you will then be given the option to use either a major credit or debit card or bank wire transfer to increase your bidding limit to the amount needed for the bid that you had entered.

Can I get a refund of my security deposit?

Yes. If you have not purchased a vehicle you can request a refund at any time. In the event that you win an auction and then decide not to go through with the purchase of the vehicle, your security deposit will not be refunded.

How long does it take to receive the security deposit refund?

When a deposit is placed on your account it is typically listed as a 'pending authorization' on your credit or debit card. When it is refunded, EzAuctionAccess simply cancels this pending transaction. You will not see a new transaction for this amount. This may take up to 2-3 business days to update on your bank statement.

If the security deposit was processed as a charge, and is eligible for a refund, we will process the refund right away and you will see the refund posted within 2-3 business days. 

Does my security deposit ever expire?

Yes. As your security deposit is actually a 'pending authorization', the bank only allows us to place this hold for 30 days. At the end of this time period your security deposit will expire automatically. You will need to place a new deposit at this time.

We do reserve the right to process the pending authorization as a charge, and may do so if there are any outstanding bids or purchases at the end of this 30 day period.