Our pricing model is simple. You only pay a one-time service fee per vehicle purchased depending on the bid amount + 100% refundable deposit. $0 for Lifetime Membership with unlimited support. No hidden fees or deposits.

  1. Do I pay anything if I don’t win a vehicle?
    • No! You are not charged anything if you do not win a vehicle. You can have your deposit refunded or put towards another vehicle
  2. How does the bidding process work?
    • Find a car on the available auctions, place a bid on EZ Auction Access, and win your desired vehicle
  3. Can I cancel my bid?
    • Bids cannot be cancelled under no circumstances. If you win a vehicle you do not want, your deposit will be used to pay the relist fee on the vehicle
  4. What cars can I bid on?
    • Most vehicles are available to bid on. The only vehicles you cannot bid on are Salvage Title Alabama vehicles, Salvage Title Michigan vehicles, and all Wisconsin vehicles.
  5. I won vehicle, why is it not showing on my account?
    • There are 3 different types of auctions. The first is pure sale which awards you the car as you win the lot. Minimum Bid requires the bidder to reach a minimum bid set by the seller. Last, is On Approval which the seller must approve on the sale price of the lot
  6. Does my bid amount include auction fees?
    • No, the bid amount specified does not include the auction fees charged by the auction. The bid amount also does not include the service fee charged by EZ Auction Access
  7. What is a security deposit and what is the cost?
    • The security deposit is a safety net between EZ Auction Access and the customer. It helps ensure the customer will pay for the vehicle in full and ensures EZ Auction Access will fulfill their parts of the transaction. The security deposit is 12% of the bid amount specified by the customer
  8. Can the deposit be applied to purchase of the vehicle?
    • No, the security deposit cannot be applied to the purchase of the vehicle. This is to differentiate between sales and deposits
  9. When is my security deposit refunded?
    • The security deposit is refunded when the vehicle is paid for in full, the vehicle is picked up from the auction yard, and the service fee is paid to EZ Auction Access
  10. Does my security deposit expire?
    • No, the security deposit does not expire can be applied to other purchases.
  11. How long do I have to pay for a won lot?
    • All auctions require the won lot to be paid for in full within 3 days of the sale date. Failure to pay for the vehicle in this time will result in added late fees.
  12. How do I pay for my won lot?
    • The process to pay for your won lot involves going to your local auction site and paying for your lot in full. The auction sites accept money orders and cashier checks as payment methods. EZ Auction Access will provide the buyer number when going to pay for the vehicle
  13. When can I pick up a won lot?
    • Won lots can be picked up as soon as the vehicle is paid for in full. Auction sites require you to pick up the vehicle 3 days after the sale date.
  14. Why am I asked to pay more on a won lot?
    • There may be times where you are asked to pay more after the car has been paid in full. These situations include paying late fees on won lot and relisting fees on cars left unpaid for.
  15. Do you offer shipping services on won vehicles?
    • Yes! EZ Auction Access provides shipping on won lots. Shipping incurs additional service costs and can be arranged after the won lot is paid in full.